Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

Making your life that bit sweeter

Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop! We only have two rules here, firstly have fun, and secondly, don’t forget rule number one. We are also known by Retro Sweet Shop because of our huge collection of Old fashioned sweets. LAKIASS is the only place you will be allowed to act like a child again without anyone judging you.

Imagine yourself running through your local sweet shop from childhood, picking up all your favourite Retro sweets and eating as many as possible until you could eat no more. If that doesn’t get you feeling nostalgic, we don’t know what will.

LAKIASS is an online sweet shop where you can find all your favourite sweets, chocolates and candies from the past and modern day.

Sweets can create magical scenes in your mind, let your imagination run riot and just have fun browsing around and buying your favourite sweets. Whether you’re young or old, LAKIASS has everything you could ever dream of.

If you’re looking for Old fashioned sweets and can’t seem to find them, just let us know and we’ll do our utmost to make sure you can pop one of your favourite sweets in your mouth once again.

Now don’t be selfish, our products are not just for you! You could buy gift hampers for friends, family members, teachers, loved ones, or even employees. Have you ever thought about creating exciting corporate materials? Long gone are the days of mouse mats and mugs, get your own branded sweets!

Whether you just want 100g of the sweets you used to eat as a kid, or something more substantial as a gift for someone special, We have everything you need.

Forget about the worries of adult life and transport yourself back to the innocence of childhood with retro and old fashioned sweets that are still alive today!

Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop
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