Like all exhilarating and electrifying businesses, Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop had to start somewhere. That somewhere was back in our childhood.

As adults everything we do is serious [well, almost] so we take great pleasure in transporting ourselves back to the days when long summer evenings were spent climbing trees and we were given 10p to spend in the sweet shop.

We’d spend hours and hours ogling over the glorious gobstoppers, the popping candy, silky smooth chocolates, sugar cubes and chew bars before making absolutely sure we had made the right decision.

Back into the modern day and we thought that it would be great fun if there was a place to buy all our favourite sweets as adults so we can savour every delicious drop of sugar.

Unfortunately we’re not able to produce gum that gives you the experience of eating a three course meal, but we will try our best to bring you the most incredible, mouth-watering, delicious and marvellous gum in the whole word!

LAKIASS stocks just about everything from retro sweets from as early to the 1960s right through to your favourites found in sweet shops around the country today. Choose from jelly sweets, chocolates, wedding sweets, pick ‘n’ mix sweets, bubblegums, fudges and caramels, gift jars, gift boxes and corporate hampers.

The magical world of LAKIASS will take you to places you have never dreamed of, a place where the walls are made from gingerbread, the clouds from candy floss, the rivers from chocolate, and where down means up and left means right.

Forget about the stresses and strains of being an adult; just indulge yourself into the sensational world of sweets and candy. Buy treats for your children, business clients, family members, friends, or simply buy everything you have ever wanted since you thought you became too old for pick ‘n’ mix.

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop is here to make your imagination run wild. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while we take you on a journey down – or should I say up – memory lane.

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