Sugar Free Sweets That Kids Will Love

21 Jul

There is a reason that our company is called Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop. We understand that children would eat sweets and chocolate until they could eat no more if their parents would allow it. Candy is an excellent treat for children and adults but in moderation.

If you would like to be able to treat your children, but you don’t want them taking too many trips to the dentist and you certainly don’t want the hyperactivity long associated with sugary goods, consider buying sugar free sweets.

Sugar free sweets may not sound as exciting and delicious as all the other goodies that are out there, but you will be surprised at the range of sugar free candies that are available. These healthier treats are designed to taste just as scrumptious as the real thing.

If you’re a die-hard fan of candy and it transports you back to your magical childhood, you may not even believe that sugar free sweets are a good alternative. After all, children are the hardest people to impress, and they’re bound to notice the difference, right?


Sugar free sweets are available in all the fantastic varieties that you and your children know and love. Whether they prefer gummy bears or liquorice, sugar free candy is one way to treat the kids without the usual consequences.

Don’t worry adults we haven’t forgotten that you love sweeties just as much as any child! Sugar free sweets are also perfect for people with conditions such as diabetes, or even those that are trying to maintain a healthy eating plan but can’t resist a treat now and again. Sugar free sweets are not dowdy and boring, they are just as fun and tasty as the originals!

Sugar free sweets allow you to give your kids sweets that they love without having to worry about cavities, hyperactivity or obesity.

Another benefit is that you can comfortably hand out a few portions of sweets to the kids around the neighbourhood without a telling off from their parents. Sugar free sweets are perfect for children’s parties because this is usually when kids digest enough sugar for an entire year.

Don’t be the spoilsport that prevents kids from being kids and having fun, just replace their usual candies with both traditional and modern sugar free sweets.

Our favourite sugar free sweets are gummy bears. It’s quite hard to believe that this sweet and colourful bear-shaped treats don’t contain a trace of sugar. Plus, the kids will love scoffing these classic retro sweeties until the cows come home!

Another all-time favourite is chocolate raisins. These plump candies are lethal as once your start you just can’t stop. Sit back and relax now though as sugar free chocolate raisins have the same delicious tangy taste with a silky smooth exterior, but without all the calories!

Sugar free sweets pack in the same delicious flavours as regular candy so you can treat your kids without having to worry about any of the nasty after effects.

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