Top 7 Favourite Retro Sweets

19 Jul

These days it can often seem like nothing is as good as it used to be. Kids’ television programmes such as Fireman Sam and Postman Pat have been reworked into computer animations. Classic toys and games have new editions that barely resemble the “real” versions from when we were young.

Changes are not only affecting TV and games though; even some sweets have undergone a major facelift. Opal fruits have turned into Starburst, Marathons are now Snickers, Smarties no longer come in the tube with the letter lid and perhaps worst of all Sherbet Fountains have lost their yellow paper tube and liquorice stick.

However, some retro sweets have managed to make it through the ages completely unharmed but they can’t be found anywhere! Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop has spent hours on end listing favourite retro sweets to stock on the site and thought of hundreds, or even thousands, from back in the day.

We have sifted through all the retro sweets we could think of to come up with an all-time top 10 favourite retro sweets. Take a look and see if you remember these sweets from your childhood.

These chewy raspberry and milk flavour lollipops are a hit with just about everyone! Swizzles Matlow Drumsticks are instantly recognisable thanks to their distinctive wrapping and the fond memories of getting the chew stuck in your teeth.

Fried Eggs
Now a regular feature in Haribo Starmix fried eggs are a white foam sweet with a yellow jelly centre. As you will know from the super-cool Haribo adverts, fried eggs are almost impossible to resist! Although you can still get your hands on these easy enough, they’re still a favourite retro sweet.

Black Jacks
How many times have you eaten a Black Jack then stuck your tongue out to show someone it turned black? Countless, I’m sure, but it never gets old. These chewy aniseed sweets were first introduced in the 1920s and will probably still be going in the 2020s.

Foam Shrimps
One of the most common retro sweets has to be the pink foam shrimp, these soft and chewy sweets were once a completely different colour but are best known as they are today. A favourite with kids and adults, foam shrimps delight just about everyone.

Candy Watches
Now, you probably remember the candy bling from your childhood, but this wasn’t restricted to neckwear. One of my favourite retro sweets was the candy watch. These colour sugar sweets were loaded onto an elastic string and pinged at the back of many a teacher’s head.

Flying Saucers
What’s not to like about delicious fizzy sherbet inside a colourful wafer shell? Flying saucers have long been a favourite retro sweet and will instantly transport you back to the pick ‘n’ mix stand as a 5 year old.

Wham Bars
The Wham bar is a real iconic retro sweet from the 1980s that was recently re-launched for the kids of today. Children from the 1980s will remember these chewy toffee bars as clearly as Pacman and Rubik’s Cubes.

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