Corporate Orders

Most companies know that their employees and customers are the lifeblood of their business and so they like to treat them every now and again. If you want to show people how much you appreciate them is a mousemat or ringbinder really going to do the trick?


Luckily for you the geniuses at Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop have had their thinking caps on and have come up with some special corporate gifts.

Rather than ditching their mugs, notepads and pens in the nearest hedge on the way home, your clients will forever remember your company once you have given them their quirky gift from LAKIASS.

Making corporate gifts fun can be quite the challenge but our corporate sweets will definitely do the trick.

How about a bag or tins of boiled sweets with your logo printed on the front?


That’s just as boring and lame as a corporate diary! The logo part isn’t the problem, it’s the old fuddy duddy boiled sweets we want to avoid.

LAKIASS promotional corporate gifts are designed to wow and excite your clients and employees, not bore them to tears.

Think outside the box.

We could use your corporate colours to theme your sweets. For example, if your brand uses purples and pinks, you could offer a whole host of retro and modern sweets to suit. Get people talking about the gifts you have given them by treating them to a nostalgic trip down memory lane with sweets from their childhood!

Both your customers and staff will fall head over heels in love with the company that was so thoughtful as to give them the sweets they used to scoff as kids.

Link your business to that happy feeling by branding the sweets with your name and logo. Corporate gifts don’t have to be boring. They can really work when you use a little imagination.

LAKIASS can work with you to create something special for the people that make your business work on a daily basis.

We’ll talk about everything so we get it just right, including your brand, theme and budget. We’re pretty flexible so if you’ve seen something our website or have something unique in mind just let us know.

If you’re interested in the fabulous sweets and gifts we could create for you contact us today.