Few things remind more you of your happy and indulging childhood than sweets. You must be missing those sweets since they have gone a transformation these days. But you can revisit those days with retro sweet hampers. With us you can get tons of such hampers to indulge your sweet tooth.

Retro sweets
It is a sweet world where retro sweets of various shapes, sizes, hues and appearance are waiting to be grabbed with our retro sweet gifts. You can get flying saucers, various kinds of fruit salads, barratts shrimps, cola bottles, black jacks, custards, rhubarbs, milk gums, kola bottles etc. You can also get the soft and chewable gummy apple whips, apple pencils, atomic fireblast with a hot feeling inside, the flavored and chewy Barratt’s nougat, the hard licorice sucker, chewy Bassetti and candy lipstick that even the children of this generation will love to partake in.

Cheap Retro Sweets
Those days there were sweets which could be bought for pennies that you saved from your pocket money. When you are grown up the emotional value of these sweets is much higher than the price. So, we have brought back those sweets for people like you who value dwelling in the past and relieving childhood memories savoring a licorice sucker or other obscure retro sweets.

  • Retro Sweet Hamper

    Retro Sweet Hamper

    Much more exciting than another biscuit tin or dry food Hamper, our HUGE Deluxe Traditional Hamper is the perfect present.

  • Sweet Shop Hamper

    Sweet Shop Hamper

    A hamper filled with childhood sweetie happiness. Shrimps, Fried Eggs, Cola Bottles, Bubble Gum, Gobstoppers, Flying Saucers... BRING IT ON!

  • Tuck Shop Hamper

    Tuck Shop Hamper

    A hamper of lollytastic Tuck Shop heaven! This gift is bursting with Double Lollies, Drumsticks, Fizzers and whole lot more!